L. Mercedes Picot,

Nutritional and Wellness Consultant

As a leading Consultant & Coach, I draw upon over 20 years of counseling experience and training to assist my clients with their nutritional and health related issues.

I want to inspire you to look at your own health from a new perspective and make you an active partner in your journey towards optimum wellness. My goal is to combine relevant information and recommendations with sustained support in order to create a favourable nutritional terrain so your body regains its equilibrium.

I strive for a supportive and compassionate approach to gently guide you to attain your own goals and objectives. When you gain a better understanding of the cause and effect principle within your own body, some questions you may have struggled with are easily resolved.

Basic facts, genuine support, and compassion are simple ingredients that are too often missing in the health challenges that confront us. Most people are more than ready to tackle simple changes in order to free ourselves of unwanted symptoms and to taste the true meaning of wellness.

The initial focus of a consultation is to review your overall diet and to make nutritional recommendations that will meet your needs and your lifestyle. Many of my clients simply wish for a smooth transition to a holistic diet and lifestyle.

A dietary analysis reveals strengths and weaknesses and sheds light on many causes for common symptoms. Benefits such as increased energy and clarity are easily gained with what looks like only minor adjustments.

I promise respect and consideration for factors such as age, ethnicity, religious codes, and life circumstances and of course, your overall objectives.

My friendly, personalized coaching makes it possible and even enjoyable for you and your family to make the dietary changes needed to improve your health, vitality, and to prevent illness.

Make an important commitment to yourself and email or telephone to book your appointment.

Long-distance or local telephone sessions or live consultations can be conducted in either French or English.

Your body and your soul will thank you by adding years to your life and life to your years.

I live in Port Hope , Ontario and can be reached here.
Phone: 905-800-0835

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